Air conditions facts of tips

There are a number of essential elements that have to be fulfilled by air conditioners which are:

1. In summertime, cooling and dehumidification: The feature of cooling and dehumidification is accomplished in summer season concurrently with the supposed cooling battery, because if this does not take place, the hydration material that is arrived the setting enhances considerably, causing the individual a sensation of heaviness. The dampness content of the ambient air is gotten rid of by condensation, because the cooling coil operates at a temperature level decrease than normal.

2. In winter season, heating and humidification: The heating function is performed air in the winter, a rule covering the winter and fall, is also done at the same time in the heating battery called a hot water coil or subject steam through a pipeline to a boiler either the base or a gas system.

In winter, the air is warmed ought to have a minimum hydration due to the fact that if not, the moisture that could have on the environment reduces therefore triggering dryness in the airways. The humidifier feature, which is set in winter season should then be coupled to the heating coil as the warmer air has the ability to take in more moisture.

3. Typical in winter and summertime: ventilation, circulation and filtration: The ventilation feature, is the prominent air intake from outside, so that the air recirculation system, a/c, this renewed continually and permanently with the balance required in order to achieve a level of air in the environment preventing odors and leakages.


The filtering feature is performed on the so-called filter bank. It treats the air with filters which avoid the entry of dust, and particulate pollutants. The circulation function is carried out through the fan, makes motions to prevent stagnant air, without producing sturdy currents that may be damaging.

These functions are carried out immediately by a thermostat that directs the operation of HVAC devices and through a humidistat to keep a hydration control, in addition to not providing sounds and ensuring most affordable possible energy consumption.