Green Roofing

Green Roofing for Your House

Have you ever considered getting a green cover for your roof that actually ‘breathes’. Sounds like an idea from the future, doesn’t it? However, it is existent and you can get green roofing for your house too. This unique, unorthodox and completely awe-inspiring style for your roof will transform the way you look at your house. Here, we understand what this green roofing is and how it works.
The green roof is actually a waterproof membrane over which certain species of plants are cultivated. The basic idea behind creating this roofing Lansing MI was to help develop a sustainable ecosystem in the roof which could give more oxygen to the residents and prevent the roof from getting a high amount of energy. All the energy received from the sun rays is used by the plants in photosynthesis and they release more oxygen in the system. Green roofs are ideal for any and all types of homes. If you live in a packed locality or near an industrial estate or a heavily polluted area, then this type of roofing would be ideal for you.
Most of the houses, especially the ones that are located quite close to each other suffer from ‘Heat Island Effect’ because of which the building material and the roofing keep absorbing heat all through and make the houses quite heavily heated. The locality becomes a small green house in itself because of which the residents have to feel excessive heat. However, if one needs to make the most of this heat, without harming the environment then the green or living roof comes across as the best alternative.
The best thing about these green roofs is that you can choose the roofing as per your needs. There are extensive green roofs that can be used in order to grow bigger plants and proper cultivation while there are intensive roots as well, where you can grow only smaller plants and some quantity of moss. The difference between the two is the thickness of the membrane. The extensive roofs are more heavy duty as compared to the intensive roofs.
You must make sure that you get ample space for drainage and cultivation on these roofs. Your personal hanging garden needs a lot of maintenance as well. Also, make sure that there is no room for leakage of moisture in the roof. Most of the households opt for extensive roofs while the commercial spaces go for intensive roofs. There are some semi-intensive roofs as well.