Why Are My Lights Flickering?

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There are a variety of different reasons why lights can flicker. Sometimes, it can be a normal situation. Other times, it can be something simple that needs to be corrected. In other situations, it can be a serious problem. It is very important to understand why your lights are flickering in order to resolve the issue according to Electrician Pros. In case it is a serious issue, homeowners need to stay on top of the problem or get professional help before it gets worse. There are different types of light flickers you may encounter.

This type of flicker can happen without someone realizing it. Some flickering lights can make your eyes feel tired or strained. It can also cause a mild sense of nausea and claustrophobia in some cases. This type of flicker happens very fast. You can barely see this kind of flicker. This is a constant flicker. A video camera or a camera phone can detect the flickering light when it is not visible to the eye. You can also stare at a blank wall while the light is on. The reasons for this type of flicker are:

• Faulty switch

• Variable voltage

• Loose light fitting

• Faulty light

• Loose light

Intermittent Flicker

This can happen with fluorescents, LEDs, and standard incandescent bulbs. This kind of flicker is an occasional flicker. It seems to happen randomly. There are a number of causes for the intermittent flicker. You have a real issue if this flicker happen several times a day. Here are the reasons for this type of flicker:

• Variable voltage

• Faulty bulb

Initial Flicker/Full Illumination

This kind of flicker happens when the light is first turned on. First, the light may flicker a few times before it properly turns on. It may even make an audible noise. After that, the light is usually fine for the rest of time it remains on. Here are the reasons for this type of flicker:

• Faulty switch

• Fluorescents

Why Lights Flicker In The Same General Area

Some lights can flicker in the same area and not throughout your whole house. This problem can be occurring because of bad light bulbs that are connected to a bad connection. This is the connection between the light fixture socket and the light bulb. There could also be a loose wire in that specific circuit. A circuit diagnosis should be performed in order to find out what is causing the problem. It could be a light, a switch, a receptacle, a j-box, or the main electrical panel. Homeowners should address loose connections as soon as possible.

Why Lights Flicker Throughout The House

This could be happening because you have loose service conductors in your meter base or your main electrical panel. You should have an electrician take a look at the problem. This can become a very serious problem if it not addressed. Service conductors cool down and heat up because of every day use. This can cause them to loosen up over time. They create more heat by loosening up. This can cause more issues as well. It is a good idea to have a maintenance plan in place to prevent these issues from occurring.